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Canadian Meteorological Historical Photos / Photos historiques de la météorologie Canadienne


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1. Wartime Courses redleaf.gif (1769 bytes) 2005 Project Announcement (updated 2015)
2. Meteorologist BSc Courses redleaf.gif (1769 bytes) How to Contribute Your Photos
3. Meteorologist (Masters - M.A. or MSc) Courses redleaf.gif (1769 bytes) Photos available if you have lost yours
4. DND Meteorological Technician Courses redleaf.gif (1769 bytes) Photo Credits
5. Civilian Meteorological Technician Courses redleaf.gif (1769 bytes) Photos of CMOS / CMS Congresses
6. Contract Weather Observer Courses redleaf.gif (1769 bytes) Permanent Heads of the Meteorological Service of Canada
7. Awards redleaf.gif (1769 bytes) Patterson Medal Presentations
8. Office Staff Photos (all groups) redleaf.gif (1769 bytes) Parsons Medal Presentations
9. International Meetings redleaf.gif (1769 bytes) CMOS Fellows
10. Gatherings, Conferences, Special Events, etc. redleaf.gif (1769 bytes) Order of Canada Recipients
11. Retirement Celebrations, Lunches, Dinners and Reunions
redleaf.gif (1769 bytes) Canadian Oceanographic Historical Photos (including Ships)
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